Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pedicure for Pounds

Dear Carli,

You have been in quite a funk the last few weeks...and a little passive-aggressive.  Why did you hide my diary from me?  Have you been hanging out with The Carbs again?   When are you going to figure out that hanging out with them never brightens your mood.  The sun is shining and the birds are singing...and a salsa class is starting in a few minutes so get out of the house!  I will be waiting for you when you get back and we can have lunch together.

Sincerely, Penelope
178.6 - Dear Diary,

I can't be believe she hid you away from me!  I think she has been resentful that I "stubbornly" insist on telling the truth and no matter how much she may wish for a our conversations to go differently wishing doesn't change reality.  I told her I was a friend that would be honest and trustworthy...lying to her is not what a good friend would do.

What does a good friend do?  A good friend doesn't hold a grudge over a hidden diary and celebrates her friend's milestones with her soooo...I am gonna treat Carli to a pedicure because she has said GOOD-BYE to the 180s!  But I need some help selecting a color for her, so could you please ask your friends what color polish I should choose?  It makes my head spin to think of all of the choices...pink, teal, purple, green, gold, burgundy, coral, blue, red...even yellow, which I personally feel makes a person look jaundiced.  I scheduled an appointment for Carli on Friday afternoon and I will let your friends make the color selection so let me know which color gets the most votes by Friday morning.

Sincerely, Penelope

Please help Penelope choose a polish color for Carli's pedicure by leaving a comment below!