Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Body Like a Dog

Dear Carli,

181.4 - How can I get through to you?  Yesterday you didn't eat anything till almost four o'clock.  Then, when you did eat, you consumed a large Jamba Juice and 14 pieces of sushi over a three hour period.  Since you are a dog trainer let me explain this to you in a way you might understand.  Carli, your body is like a dog.  When a dog is tossed a bone every once in awhile and is left guessing when he will next get to have a bone he becomes very possessive.  He will hold on to that bone as if his life depends on it and he is willing to go to battle to keep custody of that bone even if he doesn’t want to eat it now.  But when a dog is thrown a bone on a regular basis...when it is easy to predict that another bone is sure to be there when he needs it, then the dog is less overprotective about his bones. He can relax, release it and even walk away from it.  Your body is going to cling to all of the “bones” you eat until you start predictably feeding it.  Get it? 

Sincerely, Penelope

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