Monday, March 14, 2011

Focusing on the Rear View

Dear Diary,

182.2 - I think Carli needs to have her head screwed on straight...cuz right now she seems to have her head screwed on backwards.   This became very obvious after she stepped on me this morning.  The numbers went up and she was hoping that they would go down, or at least stay the same.  When she saw the .4 increase she immediately started calculating everything she had eaten yesterday, which is fine since she should have an awareness about what she is consuming, but then...she started to think about the fact that she ate breakfast prior to our meeting today...and usually we get together before breakfast...and she wondered how much the food that she ate this morning weighs...and maybe she should subtract that amount...and will she ever begin to see some real progress...and she has never been able to commit for long before...and...and...and...  Then it hit me, she fixates on what she has done, instead of focusing on what she will do.  Learning from your past is one thing, but focusing on the rear view will just keep a person headed in reverse.

Sincerely, Penelope

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